California Board Company 11′ EFG Stand-Up Paddleboard

Key Features

  • Composite shell with bamboo veneer

  • Full top deck EVA pad

  • Round nose design for stability

  • Removable 3-fin system

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This California Board Company paddleboard is constructed with an expanded polystyrene core and epoxy fiberglass shell with bamboo veneer. Designed for intermediate to advanced riders, the paddleboard includes a full top deck EVA pad for ultimate traction ability. Round nose design is great for touring and aids in keeping the board stable. Removable 3-fin system on the SUP includes 1 10″ adjustable single box and 2 3-1/2″ side fin boxes. Supports weight up to 225 lbs. Weighs 30.8 lbs. 11'L x 30.7″W x 4.5″H.

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